Landscape Designing In Spokane Valley

cemetery landscaping spokane waWhile living near a desert is not ideal for landscape design, it offers many types of styles. Landscaping a yard that lacks water can be difficult. Grass, trees, shrubs and most plants need some amount of water, so planning a yard with a lack of water in mind will help with the design.

Creating water features around the lawn will help with adding moisture to the greenery. Either by adding water and adding plant life, or you can go the route of having a dried out landscape. Going the dry route will allow you to bring in more rocks and will allow you to worry less on keeping your plants, grass, and/or shrubs alive during the hot summer months.

The Spokane Valley is just that, its a valley in Eastern Washington. Most of Eastern Washington is a desert but the further east you go and the closer you get to Montana the greener it will get. Eventually you will be back in forest and green areas. Since the Spokane Valley is right on the edge of both this green forest and the desert to the west, designing the best landscape can be difficult. Having two completely opposite environments can cause problems or issues.

During the summer months Spokane is fairly hot. Its not uncommon to see temperatures hit 100 degrees while in the winter it is also not uncommon to see temperatures go below zero. With such a huge range of temperatures you need greenery, trees and plants that can survive these extreme conditions.

What Is Needed For Landscaping In Spokane?

  • A working sprinkler system, so that you can make sure your plants are well watered during the hot summer months.
  • Use trees that are native to the area. Don’t go out and buy a tree that does well in the southern states and then expect it to do well in Spokane. Since the winters can be extremely cold, those trees or shrubs probably won’t be able to withstand the temperatures in winter.
  • Fertilize your lawn on a schedule. Usually in early spring and once in the fall. The Fall fertilizing should help protect the roots of the grass before the hard freeze comes. Make sure you find the correct fertilizer and to read the labels. There are fertilizers that are made specifically for Fall applications.
  • Be sure to use the large rocks you find in your yard. You can also get lava rocks to help keep weeds down and to help make your yard looking great.

Spokane Landscaping is a residential and commercial landscaping company worth checking out. You can find them located in the Spokane area or by calling them:

Spokane Landscaping

2504 W Smythe Rd
Spokane, WA 99224

(509) 977-4841

Go Here –

Spokane Landscaping has been serving the local area since 1997. They work with both residential and commercial customers. They can do basic lawn mowing, but also can work on sprinkler repairs, tree trimming, and even pest (spider) control.

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Finding Water Damage Before The Damage Sets In

Water damage can be a hard thing to handle after its been sitting for awhile. One of the best ways to counter act this damage is by finding it before it is too late. Once water has had time to sit on a surface for a period of time it begins to wear away at the sealers, the paint and the structure of whatever its sitting on, thus making it weaker and breaking it down.

Have you ever seen water sit on wood for a long period of time? What does it do? Eventually the water breaks down the wood and if left for a long time, the wood actually begins the process of rotting. Mold might form making the break down process happen so much faster. Give it some time and you will see that the wood is no longer strong, it feels like a sponge and is easily broken. So what would the difference be if the water was sitting on your houses foundation or the support beams underneath your house? There are no differences except that the wood under your house has probably been treated to propel water, but given enough time the water will damage the wood and structure of your house.

As you can see it is important to find the water problems you might be having before any kind of damage really begins to happen. Wood is easily damaged by water if left unattended. Finding the water leaks might be the hardest part as you need to learn how to spot the possible leaks before the actual damage is seen.

If you suspect you have water damage or a possible leak you can always confirm with your water provider if they notice an increase in your water usage. Some water companies actually have a way of determining if your house has a leak, by the amount of water used or if they detect a constant flow of water from your house. Most of the time, your water company will contact you if they detect this abnormal water flow.

If you end up having a water leak and you notice damage to your property, it is very important to get the problem looked at by a qualified technician. A water damage specialist will know what to look for and can advise you on what needs to be done to fix the problems.

If you live in a rainy environment like Seattle WA, you have a higher risk of water damage just from the weather. Living near the ocean by the Gulf States, you also run a risk of water damage from tropical storms, hurricanes or just plain old rain storms.

Look up our friend with Water Damage Seattle and see what they can do for you.

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All About Building Your Log Cabin

In the early 1700s is when log cabins had been introduced in North America, from then they had become very popular. In America log cabin designs had been brought along by the Homestead Act enforced in 1862 It was a law that stated all homesteaders were given the right of land, all they needed to do was to cultivated the land and build a home which had been at the least ten feet by twelve feet. Along with this the home needs to have at the least one glass window.

At first log cabins had been built without the aid of nails to hold them together. They were built using giant logs which had been carefully stacked together, this had in turn made a very strong home. These days log homes are choice for many people and they have everything that a regular home would contain.

If you are thinking about building a log home take your budget into consideration as building a log home will take ample amounts of money. Be sure to consider you current financial situation making sure you are not biting off more then you can eat. Take into consideration the types of rooms you want in your cabin. Perhaps you want a music room to learn the ukulele, piano, guitar or harp. Music rooms are one of the best additions. Or perhaps you want a hot tub room. Or a nice patio. Consider your desires into your planning.

Construction costs do vary; depending on the type of logs, and the other major supplies that will be needed. Also don’t forget about the pay for your contractor. There are log cabin kits that are available, you may trust one of these instead.

Another thing you must look into is to see if the land you are going to build on is suitable for building. Also it is a great idea to check all local agencies for restrictions, and buy any permits that you may need.

When you design your log cabin be sure to include all the basics of a regular house. Sketch your design it will help you get a clear picture of what you are looking for.

Love you beautiful log cabin. If you do decide on a log cabin it is a great investment for now and for the future.

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Next time you leave the cottage you should head to see animals.

I simply talking about going to see some animals that you may never get to see except for in a zoo.

Now I Love our home state of Washington, but I love visiting California on vacation and my favorite zoo is the LA Zoo. What a great place to visit. It has so many cool animals and wonderful things to see. When I go a I am always sure to find a LA zoo coupon so I do not have to pay full price.

I’m sure your cottage is a wonderful place just like ours, but every now and again you have to get outside and go see the world a little bit. Zoos are such a wonderful place to go visit any time of the year. Especially if you have little ones. They will love it. So go there now.

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