Finding Water Damage Before The Damage Sets In

Water damage can be a hard thing to handle after its been sitting for awhile. One of the best ways to counter act this damage is by finding it before it is too late. Once water has had time to sit on a surface for a period of time it begins to wear away at the sealers, the paint and the structure of whatever its sitting on, thus making it weaker and breaking it down.

Have you ever seen water sit on wood for a long period of time? What does it do? Eventually the water breaks down the wood and if left for a long time, the wood actually begins the process of rotting. Mold might form making the break down process happen so much faster. Give it some time and you will see that the wood is no longer strong, it feels like a sponge and is easily broken. So what would the difference be if the water was sitting on your houses foundation or the support beams underneath your house? There are no differences except that the wood under your house has probably been treated to propel water, but given enough time the water will damage the wood and structure of your house.

As you can see it is important to find the water problems you might be having before any kind of damage really begins to happen. Wood is easily damaged by water if left unattended. Finding the water leaks might be the hardest part as you need to learn how to spot the possible leaks before the actual damage is seen.

If you suspect you have water damage or a possible leak you can always confirm with your water provider if they notice an increase in your water usage. Some water companies actually have a way of determining if your house has a leak, by the amount of water used or if they detect a constant flow of water from your house. Most of the time, your water company will contact you if they detect this abnormal water flow.

If you end up having a water leak and you notice damage to your property, it is very important to get the problem looked at by a qualified technician. A water damage specialist will know what to look for and can advise you on what needs to be done to fix the problems.

If you live in a rainy environment like Seattle WA, you have a higher risk of water damage just from the weather. Living near the ocean by the Gulf States, you also run a risk of water damage from tropical storms, hurricanes or just plain old rain storms.

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